COAR lowers its membership fees!

COAR – Confederation of Open Access Repositories lowers its membership fees


The Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) is a dynamic, fast growing association of repository initiatives. Launched in October 2009, COAR now has a membership of over 100 institutions worldwide from 35 countries in 4 continents. Its mission is to enhance the visibility and application of research outputs through a global network of Open Access digital repositories.

In Belgium, only the UGent Institutional Repository is a member of COAR. If you are a repository manager, why not become a member as well?

COAR’s annual fees for 2014 will be reduced from 2500 EUROS to 500 EUROS. This will remove a significant barrier for organizations in joining and participating in COAR.

If you want more information, check the COAR Benefits Statement 2013 that outlines the advantages of becoming a COAR member and participating in the global repository community.

More information on the COAR website:

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