Students Launch “Button” to Put Denied Access to Research on the Map

Download the #oabutton on their website :

Open Access Button


November 18, 2013


Students Launch “Button” to Put Denied Access to Research on the Map

BERLIN – Today, at an international meeting of student advocates for expanded access to academic research, two undergraduates from Great Britain announced the highly-anticipated launch of The Open Access Button – a browser-based tool to map the epidemic of denied access to academic research articles, and help users find the research they need.

University students David Carroll and Joseph McArthur created The Open Access Button in response to their own frustrations with gaining access to the results of academic research.

“I realized there was a problem when, time after time, I ran into barriers accessing articles relevant to my research,” said Carroll, who studies medicine at Queens University Belfast. “My university is able to afford subscriptions to many journals, and yet I still can’t access everything I need.  It made…

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