Recordings Open Access Week

During the international Open Access Week 2018, 5 webinars were organized by Belgian universities and Belspo.

You can find the recordings and some of the presentations here.

Open Peer Review

Introduction by Emilie Menz: slides Open Peer Review

Experiences of Open Peer Review at BMC by Axel Cleeremans: Slides

How to achieve OA to publications and books?

How to achieve FAIR data and good Research Data Management?

Introduction on research data management and FAIR data by Myriam Mertens: Slides introduction

Data sharing 101: a principled approach to transparency in (psychological) science by Olivier Klein (ULB): slides

ERC – consolidator grant – TransMid Towards Open Science by Niel Hens: slides

Boosting academic reputation with OA publications

Recordings Boosting Academic reputation with open access publications

Open Science Policy: funder requirements H2020, F.W.O., F.N.R.S. and Legal aspects in Belgium

Presentation by Emilie Hermans on EC, ERC, Belspo and FWO Open Science Requirements: Slides Open Science Policy

Presentation by Sandrine Brognaux: Slides policy F.N.R.S.

Presentation by Joris Deene on legal aspects and copyright:Slides Open Science Legislation

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