New BELSPO Open Research Data Mandate supports FAIR data principles

The new BELSPO Open Research Data mandate has already been introduced at the November 21 Open Science Symposium at the Palace of the Academies. BELSPO is now glad to announce the policy and DMP template’s official availability on the BELSPO website. Its provisions are being integrated in BELSPO Research Contracts, starting with BRAIN in march 2020.

The BELSPO Open Research Data policy complies with FAIR principles and its conception is to be considered fully within the EOSC framework. The ERAC Taskforce on Open Data, to which the Belgian Federal Science Policy Department contributed, and the European Community’s H2020 RECODE project were instrumental in shaping it.

The core requirements are aimed at sustainable and FAIR data use and management. The Open Research Data Mandate applies to digital data , collected or created within the scope of research projects wholly or partially funded by BELSPO. It relates to data needed to validate results in scientific publications and other data as specified in the DMP. BELSPO expects a provisional DMP upon submission of the grant application, and a completed DMP no later than 6 months after the start date of the project. After the end of the project data should be deposited in a certified and trusted data repository. The BELSPO follows the FAIR research data management principles in the template of their DMP. Furthermore it encourage re-use of research data where possible.

For more information, you can consult:


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