Reactions on ‘Who’s afraid of peer review?’

The original article by John Bohannon ‘Who’s afraid of peer review?’ has received a lot of criticism, mainly because of its own flawed scientific methods and lack of peer review. Despite this, the controversion has yet again made clear that there is a problem with so-called predatory Open Access publishers and it’s also obvious thatContinue reading “Reactions on ‘Who’s afraid of peer review?’”

IR ORBi has passed the benchmark of 50,000 references with full text

In July 2012, ORBi, the institutional repository of the University of Liège, has passed the benchmark of 50,000 references with full text, which represents close to 61% of the deposits! A great success which rewards the audacious gamble launched 5 years ago by the University of Liege, supported by a strong institutional mandate. It isContinue reading “IR ORBi has passed the benchmark of 50,000 references with full text”

Study on Open Access in French-speaking Belgium

The BICfB consortium has studied the development of institutional repositories in the Belgian French-speaking universities and the active involvement of our teachers and researchers (as editors in chief, members of an editorial board, peer-reviewers, etc.) in the life of academic and scientific journals on Open Access, or at the least freely available on the web.Continue reading “Study on Open Access in French-speaking Belgium”