Catch up on your OA reading during Easter Break!

Several  very interesting articles appeared during the last days: Wilbanks John;  Licence restrictions: A fool’s errand Nature, 495, 440–441 (28 March 2013) doi:10.1038/495440a Neylon, Cameron;  Let’s get this straight ,  The Times Higher Education 28 March 2013 Va Noorden, Richard;  Open Access: The true cost of  science publishing Nature 495, 426–429 (28 March 2013) doi:10.1038/495426aContinue reading “Catch up on your OA reading during Easter Break!”

I love open access

Following the publication in Le Monde newspaper of the article Savoirs. Un bien public convoité, [1] (Knowledge. A sought after public good) a community of university officials, teachers-researchers, publishers and library directors have wished to respond and express their support for open access to research results by publishing in Le Monde an opinion column entitledContinue reading “I love open access”