Open Access on Radio Campus

Following the many different actions which took place during the Open Access Week in October 2012, Alexandre Wajnberg, who is presenter of the radio programme “Sciences sans Conscience n’est que ruine de l’âme, oui mais Conscience sans science n’est qu’un vilain gros mot !” on Radio Campus (FM 107.2), hosted by Université libre de Bruxelles, invitedContinue reading “Open Access on Radio Campus”

Brussels Declaration on Open Access, Signed by ministers Nollet, Magnette and Lieten

Brussels Declaration on Open Access, signed by Ministers Paul Magnette, Ingrid Lieten and Jean-Marc Nollet (English, French and Dutch version) signed by Paul Magnette, Ministre fédéral des Entreprises publiques, de la Politique scientifique et de la Coopération au développement, chargé des Grandes Villes/Federaal Minister van Overheidsbedrijven, Weten­schaps­beleid en Ontwikkelings­samen­werking, belast met Grote Steden Ingrid Lieten,Continue reading “Brussels Declaration on Open Access, Signed by ministers Nollet, Magnette and Lieten”

Don’t fall into the trap: this is not Open Access!

They call it Open choice, OnlineOpen, Universal Access, Author choice, Author solution Starting in 2003, confronted by the range and scope taken by the Open Access movement, numerous publishers have decided to jump on the OA bandwagon by offering their authors the hybrid model. But this model (not to be confused with the reverse model)Continue reading “Don’t fall into the trap: this is not Open Access!”

Green Publisher at ULB

The publishing imprint of ULB,  Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles, is a Green Publisher according to the colours used by SHERPA/RoMEO : the publisher deposits the articles written by ULB authors, immediately upon publication, in the ULB institutional repository DI-fusion, providing Open Access without any embargo. This is done with articles published in collective books sinceContinue reading “Green Publisher at ULB”