Videos and webinars

In 2018 we organized a series of webinars, the recordings of which you can find below:

You can find an overview of all the recordings of the webinars on this youtube-page. Some short videos where researchers talk about their experiences with Open Science, can be found here:

Slides and presentations

Over the years, various Open Science topics have been presented in workshops, conferences and webinars. You can find an interesting variety of presentations on Feel free to use and re-use the information, they are labelled under a CC-attribution licence.


You can find more information on different policies and mandates on The Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates and Policies also provides an overview of Belgian policies:


OpenDOAR is a quality-assured global directory of academic open access repositories. You can find a list of Belgian repositories on their website . More information about repositories can also be found on

For research data repositories in Belgium you can consult

More information

Except from which provides news on the developments of Open Science  in Belgium, you can find an overview of Open Science related issues in Belgium on the following webpages

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