Slides – Connecting the actors

On November 21st we welcomed over 70 participants to the Open Science conference: “Connecting the actors”. You can find the presentations here: Pitches: Best practices in Open Access training  UAntwerp: YUFE open science label   Martijn Van Roie VUB: Tools for supporting the researcher Lucy Amez ULB: Organizing webinars for researchers to share experienceContinue reading “Slides – Connecting the actors”

Open Science : connecting the actors!

Open Access Belgium would like to invite you to join the “Open Science: connecting the actors” event on the 21st of November to share best practices, foster community, and encourage knowledge-sharing on Open Science. The conference is free of charge and open to anyone interested in Open Science, training, networking, and Open Data solutions.

Open Science webinars – free and FAIR Open Access

Let’s celebrate International Open Access Week together. Join us in the yearly Open Access week by attending one of our webinars. 26th October – Free open access Researchers and research audiences alike are considering the challenges and opportunities of open access publishing. To this end we like present free, sustainable and open alternatives to theContinue reading “Open Science webinars – free and FAIR Open Access”

Mosa, Window of Visibility for Open Access Research in Belgium

A new tool is now live in the Belgian Open Access landscape: Mosa ( Mosa aims to highlight Open Access research produced by scholars from Belgian and Luxembourgish institutions. More than 10 repositories are daily harvested in Mosa. Interface is in Dutch, English (default), French and German. Mosa currently contains more than 295,000 records inContinue reading “Mosa, Window of Visibility for Open Access Research in Belgium”

Open Access publication costs and transformative agreement strategies: a round table discussion

A round table discussion will bring together research administration and libraries to have an in-depth discussion about the financial implications of transformative agreements and the monitoring of cost for Open Access publishing.

An Open Access mandate adopted by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Government

The Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation unanimously adopted (with two abstentions) the project of Open Access Decree supported by the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Jean-Claude Marcourt, aiming at establishing a policy of free access to scientific publications. The text of the decree stipulates that all scientific articles subsidized by public funds must beContinue reading “An Open Access mandate adopted by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Government”

World Humanities Conference in Liège : “Humanities and knowledge as a public good”

Over the past 20 years digital open scholarly communications have slowly changed the way we study, research, publish and share knowledge in developed and developing regions, with a trend toward open access, open science, en data. Openness brings benefits but also challenges for  sustainable and participatory knowledge infrastructures. As part of the World Humanities ConferenceContinue reading “World Humanities Conference in Liège : “Humanities and knowledge as a public good””

Open Access Erasmus Staff Week 2017 at the University of Liège

For the third year, the libraries network of the University of Liege (ULg Library) organizes an “Open Access Erasmus Staff Week” to expose, question and reflect on the new roles and opportunities which emerged from the Open Access & Open Science movement for the academic libraries. Based both on ULg Library’s expertize and on eachContinue reading “Open Access Erasmus Staff Week 2017 at the University of Liège”

Practical information for participants ‘Open Science on the Move’

Practical information As the ‘Open Science on the Move’-event is drawing closer, we’d like to inform you about a few practicalities. For organizational reasons, we invite you to register before October 17th. You can register for one or both days here. Registration starts at 9.00. The first presentation will start at 9.30 the 24st andContinue reading “Practical information for participants ‘Open Science on the Move’”

Join the Belgian Open Access week event: ‘Open Science on the move’ 24-25 October 2016

Participate in the Open Science event, organized by the Flemish and French-speaking universities of Belgium, at the Royal Library of Belgium in Brussels on 24-25 October 2016. The theme of this year’s  International Open Access Week, to be held October 24-30, will be ‘Open in Action’.  The Belgian universities, with the support of the RoyalContinue reading “Join the Belgian Open Access week event: ‘Open Science on the move’ 24-25 October 2016”