Open Science webinars – free and FAIR Open Access

Let’s celebrate International Open Access Week together. Join us in the yearly Open Access week by attending one of our webinars. 26th October – Free open access Researchers and research audiences alike are considering the challenges and opportunities of open access publishing. To this end we like present free, sustainable and open alternatives to theContinue reading “Open Science webinars – free and FAIR Open Access”

Belgian copyright law amended in favor of open access to scientific articles

A change in the belgian copyright law allows the authors of scientific articles financed by the public sector, to retain the right to make their article available in Open Access even if otherwise stipulated in their contract with the publisher. Published the 5th September 2018, this law completes and reinforces the recent decree of theContinue reading “Belgian copyright law amended in favor of open access to scientific articles”

FP7 post-grant Open Access publishing funds pilot

With Open Access publishing on the rise, new business models emerge.  Some journals choose to charge the author a fee to cover publishing costs. Although not all Open Access Journals ask an Article Processing Charge (APC), researchers may have to pay for the publication of their article. Because articles are often published after the researchContinue reading “FP7 post-grant Open Access publishing funds pilot”

Publishers, where is the added value?

Originally posted on Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week:
It’s nearly two years since Alexander Brown wrote Open access: why academic publishers still add value for the Guardian, in which he listed ways that he feels publishers make a contribution. I wrote a lengthy comment in response — long enough that it got truncated at 5000 characters and…

Open Access Publishing

Open Access Publishing In another post, we’ve shown that it is perfectly possible to make your work Open Access even if you’re not publishing in Open Access Journals. This post wants to give an overview of recent trends and challenges in Open Access Publishing. (‘for dummies’: I am sure that a lot of information can beContinue reading “Open Access Publishing”