EADI IMWG conference 2012: Open for Development

13 – 14 September 2012

“The principle of Open Access is a familiar one for most working in the production, communication and curation of development research. But the theory remains contested and the debate fast moving – identifying practical steps to promote Open Access can be difficult.

At the same time new technical innovations and increasing access to the internet have led to growing interest in the potential application of Open Data and Open Content (Open Courseware and Open Educational Resources) for sharing knowledge and learning in international development. But who is driving this innovation? Does it really reflect the needs of research producers and consumers in developing countries or could it actually be adding to existing information inequalities across the digital divide?

This year the EADI Information Management Working Group’s annual meeting will focus on these three areas – Open Access, Open Data and Open Content. In a practical workshop setting participants will hear from leading practitioners in each of these fields. We will work together and learn from each other to identify practical and appropriate steps that we can take back to make the best use of these innovations in the development context in which we work.

The EADI Information Management Working Group is a loose network of European information and knowledge professionals – librarians, communications officers, editors, web and social media practitioners, network facilitators and knowledge managers – who come together annually to share experience and learning. Our meetings are open to members and non-members and we’re always happy to welcome new faces to the group.

The conference will be hosted by the Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB) and will take place on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 September 2012 at the University of Antwerp, Prinsstraat 13, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium”
Follow this link for more information.

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