“Open Access to Excellence in Research”

“Open Access to Excellence in Research”

October 22, 2012, Paleis der Academiën/ Palais des Academies

Hertogsstraat 1 Rue Ducale

1000 Brussels

Registrations closed 

22 oktober 2012 (pdf)

Morning session:  “Setting the default to OA: Politics & Policy”

 9.00 Coffee

 9.15  EU Policies for Open Access

  • Carl-Christian Buhr (member of the Cabinet of Mrs. Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda)

10.00  Key note

  • Alma Swan (SPARC Europe)

 10.40 Coffee Break

11.00 Panel : What should be done on policy level to give Open Access in Belgium a boost?


  • Ron Dekker (NWO)
  • Véronique Halloin (FNRS)
  • Elisabeth Monard (FWO)
  • Paul Thirion (CREF)
  • Jeroen Sondervan (AUP)

Moderated by Alma Swan (SPARC)

12.00 Signing Brussels Declaration on Open Access

  • Mr. Nollet, Ministre de la recherche de la FWB
  • Mr. van Melkebeke, Secretaris-Generaal EWI
  • Mr. Magnette, Ministre de la Politique scientifique/ Minister van Wetenschapsbeleid

 12.30: Lunch     

Afternoon session: “Opening up Science: a broader view of  OA in Belgium”

 13.45  Open Data: how to cope with them

  • Henk Harmsen (DANS)
  • Jan Haspeslagh (VLIZ)

14.25  Open Access in the French-speaking community

14.45  Open Access Agreements and Licenses

  • Birgit Schmidt (COAR) Open Access Agreements and Licenses

15.15 Coffee

15.45 Open Access in Belgium: an overview

  • Bram Luyten (@mire)            DSpace in Belgium and beyond
  • Patrice Chalon (KCE) Using the institutional repository to enhance open access to KCE reports
  • Gwen Franck (UGent) Open Access Belgium
  • Hannelore Vanhaverbeke (KUL) Creating Support for Open Access – A Grass Roots Approach
  • Paola Di Maio (ISTCS.org)               Monitoring Open Access, A Pilot Study in Belgium and EU
  • Margaux Hardy (ULB)            Open access journals: between access and visibility
  • Paul Puschmann (KUL)          Open Access in Historical Demography. Opportunities and Challenges
  • Birgit Schmidt (COAR)           COAR – Towards global networks of Open Access repositories
  • Inge Van Nieuwerburgh (UGent) OpenAIREOpen Access infrastructure for Research in Europe
  • Boris Jacob (Royal Museum for Central Africa)   Open Access and Open Data activities at the Royal Museum for Central Africa
  • Françoise Vandooren (ULB)  ULB Open Access collections

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