Open in order to advance science


In celebration of the 10th International Open Access Week, the Belgian universities present a two-day conference: ‘Open In Order To Advance Science’, elaborating the benefits that can be realized by making scholarly outputs openly available. This two day event will have an introduction day to find out what Open Science is all about and to update your existing knowledge. The second day proceeds with a more comprehensive and in depth overview of how institutions and support staff can accelerating the translation of Open Science theory into research practice. 

Discover – 23 October

Do you know about Open Science? You might still be unsure what is in it for you! Why is it beneficial and how can it be implemented? What better way than hearing from successful fellow researchers and professionals who have built their career promoting Open Science!

Advanced – 24 October

Are you familiar with the basic concepts of Open Science but looking for more in-depth information? Are you seeking further expertise and training? On the second day of this conference we are looking to deepen our knowledge and provide a platform for all Open Science enthusiast.

You are invited to join two days of talks, debates and discussion. You can register for one or two days here.

Date: 23 – 24 October 2017

Place: The Royal Library of Belgium, Mont des Arts/Kunstberg,  1000 Bruxelles/Brussel

The programme will follow soon! Keep an eye on this page for more information.



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