Online Open Science Webinars – skills and training

As a part of the international Open Access Week 2020, Belgium universities host a series of online webinars. The 4 online presentations will cover different topics concerning Open Science aimed at research supporting staff and librarians interested in learning more about Open Science tools, training, Open Data  and Open Science in practice. 


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Tuesday October 20, 10.30-11.30 | Skills development for Open Science

Tuesday October 20, 12.00-13.00  | Training for Data Management Planning

Thursday October 22, 10.00-11.30 | Open Science tools: demo and discussion

Thursday October 22, 12.00-13.00  | Open Science accelerating? COVID 19 examples

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. The day and an hour before your selected webinar you will be sent a reminder email and the link to the webinar platform. The webinars will last an hour with time for questions with the exception of the “Open Science tools: demo and discussion” which will leave more time for discussion. Most webinars will be recorded.

Can’t make it? No problem! The sessions will also be recorded, with the exception of the “Open Science tools: demo and discussion” webinar, and be posted here after the event.

Programme details

(subject to change)

Register here :

Tuesday 20/10/2020 

10.30-11.30 – Skills development for Open Science

EOSC – skills and training working group – Sadia Vancauwenbergh (EOSC, UHasselt)

The “Skills and Training” working group will work on building competence (skills) and capabilities (training) for EOSC. The goal is to provide a framework for a sustainable training infrastructure to support EOSC in all its phases and ensure its uptake.

EOSC-Pillar Training and Support catalogue– Paula Oset Garcia (UGent)

The EOSC-Pillar project gathers experience from national initiatives for coordinating data infrastructures and services. In this project,  a catalogue of training and support material for FAIR and open data stewardship is being developed. The catalogue includes training materials as well as day-to-day, operational and readily available resources that can be used by data stewards to support researchers. 

Sharing Open Data – Veerle Van den Eynden (KULeuven)

Ms. Van den Eynden provides expertise, guidance and training on data management and data sharing to researchers. As an expert on data management, data sharing and data integration she will share insights on how to promote good data practices and optimize data sharing.

Tuesday 20/10/2020 

12.00-13.00 – Training for Data Management Planning

Being a DMP advisorDragana Petrovic (ULB)

Many researchers still see writing a Data Management Plan (DMP) as a purely administrative requirement imposed by funding agencies and it can be very challenging to motivate them to invest time in creating a good DMP. The talk will focus on best practices working as a DMP advisor.    

Ways to teach about DMP – Niek Van Wettere (VUB)

Managing and sharing research data as openly as possible is one of the principles of good scientific practice. A DMP can be a useful tool to achieve this goal. But to compose a good DMP can be quite the endeavor, how can we train researchers and support staff to better understand and complete DMPs? 

DMP review Rubrics – Myriam Mertens (UGent)

Data management planning of some form has been accepted as a good practice for many years as a means to ensure that data outputs are managed appropriately. With the rise of data management plans, question on how to evaluate the work has risen. A practical tool is found in DMP review rubrics to evaluate plans against a range of different funder requirements to gain practical experience that can aid in providing support services.

Thursday 22/10/2020

10.00-11.00 Open Science tools: demo and discussion

This webinar will focus on discussing open science tools, their use, opportunities and drawbacks. Tools discussed will be:

Unpaywall – Joke Claes (KULeuven)

Unpaywall API – Mohammed Minout (ULB)

Sherpa services – Lucy Amez (VUB)

Open Research Europe’ (ORE) platform – Michael Markie (F1000)

OpenAIRE Provide dashboard – Emilie Hermans (UGent)

Short demo’s will be followed with ample time for discussion. 

Thursday 22/10/2020

 12.00-13.00  – Open Science accelerating? COVID 19 examples

COVID-19 Open Research Gateway – Gwen Franck (EIFL)

The COVID-19 Open Research Gateway is OpenAIRE’s response to enable the scientific community to discover research from different sources around Europe and the world. The OpenAIRE COVID-19 Gateway aims to aggregate COVID-19 records (publications-data-software-other research outcomes), link them together and provide a single access point for their discovery and navigation.

Accelerate access to research findings and data relevant to COVID-19 – David Carr (Wellcome Trust)

Wellcome Trust’s called on researchers, journals and funders for rapid sharing of data and findings. Mr. Carr will talk about the joint statement, signed by many funders, publishers, research institutions, and associated work to accelerate access to research findings and data relevant to COVID-19.  

Open Science accelerating during a pandemic – Bronwen Martin (University of Antwerp)

Bronwen Martin is working at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences (FBD) as Scientific Editor and Research Communicator. She strongly believes that to understand a highly complex biological phenomenon such as aging, Open Science is necessary so that we can use machine learning to gain a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms. COVID19 is an example that demonstrates how Open Science has accelerated research in this field.

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